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Top 10 Vancouver Attractions

A cool city with plenty of places to explore, Vancouver is the perfect playground for everyone wanting to take in the sights. Boasting a modern city skyline and surrounded by acres of beautiful nature. Easy to navigate and with plenty of transportation options available, there are endless possibilities, whether you are just visiting for a day, or for an extended stay to experience all of the attractions that locals enjoy all year long.

To get started on the right track, here are some of best attractions that you just can’t miss:

1. Stanley Park

As one of the top natural landscapes in the country, Stanley Park is a must-see for anyone visiting Vancouver. Always listed at the top of “must-see” attractions of the city, the park is a special getaway that is just mere minutes from the downtown core.

Boasting over 1000 acres of rainforest and incredibly scenic views, you can bike along the waterfront, relax on the beaches, admire local wildlife, and explore endless trails in and around the park. Perfect for anyone wanting to get out into nature, while also close to the city.

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2. Canada Place

An iconic landmark since the 1986 Expo, Canada Place is a great place to experience all things Canadian. Located right on the beautiful waterfront, you can learn all about the city’s history, shipping connections from the port, and take in the beautiful light displays at night.

Sit and relax at one of the cafes, explore the discovery centre, take in a show, or consider making this your first stop from your hop on hop off bus experience in the city.

3. Vancouver Aquarium

Perfect for everyone in the family, the Vancouver Aquarium is a great place to learn about local wildlife and how conservation efforts can help preserve the animals that make the country unique. When the aquarium is open to guests, you can explore different exhibits, and it also offers plenty of information online, along with creature cams to view animal life behind the scenes.

4. Granville Island

Just a quick ferry or Aquabus ride away, Granville Island was historically known for industry, with several factories and sawmills still standing from the early 1900s. Today, this buzzing district is known for its art and culture, with multiple workshops, studios, and markets available to the public.

Cool, quaint and often considered a foodies paradise, there are plenty of dining experiences waiting around the corner. No matter what your budget, Granville is a wonderful experience for the sights, sounds, and dining delights.

5. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

Perhaps one of the most iconic attractions of Vancouver, no trip is complete without a visit to the Capilano suspension Bridge. Best known for long sweeping videos of the natural landscape and artistic photography on social media, the 450-foot long bridge is suspended 230 feet above the beautiful Capilano River.

A great way to spend a day out in nature, the park has a heart-pounding cliff walk experience, tree top adventures, First Nations cultural education centre, and a raptors animal experience to learn all about conservation and the history of modern raptors in nature.

6. Queen Elizabeth Park

The perfect place to spend a day in Vancouver, Queen Elizabeth Park has a wide range of experiences that has something for everyone. A beautifully manicured garden with a collection of native and exotic plants and trees, the park is a gem for photography and hosting special events.

Take in the natural beauty, get active at one of the sports facilities available, and enjoy a gourmet lunch with stunning views over the park. Before heading back to your accommodation, make sure to stop in the Bloedel Conservatory, where you can admire over a hundred different flowers and exotic birds flying overhead.

7. Vancouver Lookout

As one of the best ways to take in views of the entire city in a 360-degree observatory, the Vancouver lookout takes you up 170 meters in a glass elevator and offers incredible views of the city and beyond.

Perfect for anyone who is short on time, the lookout lets you take in the city’s impressive landscape, the natural mountain ranges, and the beautiful coast. For guests who want to learn more about the city, the lookout also has the option to have a private tour with local experts.

8. Museum of Anthropology

A great place to learn about the traditional art and heritage of First Nations and other cultures that make Canada the unique and culturally diverse home it is today. Apart from the artistic architecture, the museum has plenty of different things to discover both inside and throughout its sprawling grounds.

A great experience for anyone visiting the city, you can view historical Haida houses, traditional totem poles, and creative sculptures that hark back to the days before the settlers arrived. Take the time to explore the surrounding gardens and discover something different around every corner.

9. Nitobe Memorial Garden

A traditional Japanese tea garden that offers a relaxing experience as you stroll along the meandering path to admire the numerous plants, trees, and carefully placed features that are meant to be naturally discovered.

Known for being one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens outside Japan, guests will have a different experience depending on the season they visit. Anyone exploring during autumn or spring will exceptionally love to view the stunning Japanese maples and cherry blossom trees.

10. Van Dusen Botanical Garden

A classic botanical garden with several hidden gems located inside, Van Dusen is a great stop for everyone in the family. Take in the sights and smells from hundreds of different plants and flowers, all while discovering unique stone sculptures, a traditional Korean Pavilion, and finish it off with a walk through the intricate hedge maze.

Whether you are visiting for a day or wanting to experience the city as locals do, Vancouver has tons of attractions and hidden gems that are waiting to be explored. If you have the time, check in to a comfortable accommodation, drop off your luggage, and explore these incredible locations at your own pace.

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